It is a game – educational with its own characteristics

Helps Development of the participants.

When one is sure about oneself.
Within different groups – family, School, Society – Unit feelings of Happiness.
Produces things useful – self & others – creative.

It is a plan
– Reach it objectives – successive stages.
Actions – Strengthens her character & personality.
Capacity to resistance
Spirit of service.
Religious feelings.

It is a method
Based on individual action
Active progress – Learning by doing.
Group system – Work in small groups
Sense of responsibility
Team work spirit.
Open air
Indirect adult participation

It is a Programme by which The method can be applied
The plan can be carried out

It has its own characteristics – according to sections Movement for youth.

Stimulating programme variable & Non-variable activities.

Movement open to all, voluntary
Fun with a purpose – World wide game
With a spiritual dimension

Value :


Promise & Law

Effective Leadership

Love and Pride for culture of the country

Self discipline

Respecting others



Dignity, Self respect, self esteem

Leads to joyous life

Education for Life.